6 04, 2019

What Are the Health Benefits of Rice Noodles?

By |2019-04-06T17:54:29+05:30April 6th, 2019|Blog, chinese food|

Rice noodles are normally made from white rice flour. Although you can find fresh rice noodles in Asian grocery stores, they are normally sold dried. In comparison to wheat noodles, the texture and flavour are much delicate. Rice noodles are low in fat and gluten-free. There are certain minerals in rice noodles that have health benefits. A popular Chinese food [...]

9 03, 2019

A Look into the Ideal Chinese New Year Menu

By |2019-03-09T17:02:51+05:30March 9th, 2019|Blog, chinese food|

Family is considered to be very important in Chinese society, which is evident through the significance that is placed on the New Year’s Eve dinner. During this feast, all the family members are expected to gather together and enjoy the meal. It is a known fact that when it comes to food, the Chinese take a lot of pride in [...]

2 03, 2019

A Few Chinese Foods That Aren’t Chowmein

By |2019-03-09T16:12:50+05:30March 2nd, 2019|Blog, chinese food|

Most people, who are not native Chinese, usually hold two impressions of the Chinese cuisine – either they are golden and crispy, sweet and sour in taste, or inedible and unappetizing.  Among the dishes that are widely popular and loved across the world, chowmein surely tops the list. In any Chinese restaurant in Kolkata, this item is sure to be [...]

15 02, 2019

A Few Essential Ingredients Used in Chinese Cuisine

By |2019-03-09T17:51:18+05:30February 15th, 2019|Blog, chinese food|

If you are a foodie, you will agree that although there are several Chinese restaurants in Kolkata at present, it is difficult to find that authentic taste in countries other than China. This could be due to the fact that Chinese food, like several other cuisines of the world, has been highly Americanized to meet the taste preferences of the [...]

15 02, 2019

A Few Popular Chinese Cooking Methods

By |2019-03-09T17:32:44+05:30February 15th, 2019|Blog, chinese food|

If you are a lover of Chinese food, it is likely that you will be a frequent visitor to many authentic Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. While going through their menu, you may have been confused with terms such as marinade, sauté, stir-fry, deep-fry, etc. This article will introduce you to the different cooking methods applied by top Chinese restaurants like [...]

8 02, 2019

Facts about Chinese Food That You Probably Didn’t Know

By |2020-01-18T14:43:30+05:30February 8th, 2019|Blog, chinese food, chinese restaurant|

One of the most popular food varieties in the world is Chinese food. We all love to relish the different Chinese food items in Chinese restaurants in South Kolkata. Among these, Chowman is a well-known name. 1. A wide variety of flavours According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are five main flavours in Chinese food. They are sweet, sour, salty, [...]

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