6 08, 2022


By |2022-08-06T18:52:08+05:30August 6th, 2022|Blog, chinese food, chinese restaurant|

~Let’s Sail on some Seafood treat~ Kolkata’s biggest Oriental Seafood Festival’22 is back! Who doesn’t love the crackling sound of crab shells, followed by the gush of delicious crab meat? Or the luxury line up of Octopus in Tobanjan Sauce, or some lip-smacking bite of King Prawns in Bamboo Shoots & Chinese Mushrooms? Seems like [...]

6 08, 2022


By |2022-08-06T14:19:15+05:30August 6th, 2022|Blog, chinese food, chinese restaurant|

The saying goes that true friends always stick together! Through the tears, or the laughter, through the rugged road, or in smooth waters. But true friendship thrives the best over a shared bowl of meal. Remember the good ol’ days when two of you screamed over the unequal share of food? Well we all have grown big and found [...]

25 07, 2022

Chowman Now enters Electronic City

By |2022-07-25T15:20:50+05:30July 25th, 2022|Blog, chinese food|

Brace Yourselves! Now the most popular authentic Chinese Chain of Restaurants, Chowman hits one more spot in Bangalore- Electronic City! After its huge popularity all around city, Chowman promises to take the Electronic City on a gastronomic ride this time. Be it those traditional aromas of the tender, juicy momos or the unexplored plates of spicy, tropical Thai flavours, Chowman [...]

23 07, 2022

Kolkata’s Best Chinese, Chowman Introduces Brand New Sauces

By |2022-07-23T19:48:15+05:30July 23rd, 2022|Blog, chinese food|

Kolkata's best Chinese Chowman now introduces a wide range of sauces specially crafted and curated by our masterchefs only for you! Let’s be frank! Who doesn’t love sauces? Grab a dish and try out with any choice of sauce and we have something to truly relish. Earlier there were just a handful of sauces to try out but with [...]

18 07, 2022

Chowman Russell Street

By |2022-07-20T16:58:07+05:30July 18th, 2022|Blog, chinese food, chinese restaurant|

Now switch your weekend mood to a party mode with an amazing line-up of boozes featuring an affordable range of Bira, Tuborg, Kingfisher, Corona, Hoegarden, to a luxury trail Sula/Fratelli alongside some pocket-friendly cocktails like Classic Chenada, Sangria, Red Wine Spritzer at Chowman. Kolkata’s favourite Chinese destination, Chowman, Russell Street, now brings all these eye-popping, budget friendly options alongside [...]

16 07, 2022

New menu. New specials. New ways to say you love us

By |2022-07-16T18:39:29+05:30July 16th, 2022|Blog, chinese food|

We’re back, better than ever. And we’ve got a brand new menu, full of new classics and some returning favorites. We are thrilled to announce that our new menu is here in Bangalore! With the burgeoning popularity of Korean, Burmese and Japanese food, go on a culinary trail across East Asian, South Asian countries at your nearest Chowman outlet in Bangalore as we [...]

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