Chowman is not just a brand. It is a passionate tale of a young musician-turned-entrepreneur unravel the true flavours of China.

Back in 2010, everything that Bengal knew about Chinese delicacies was inspired from the Chinese colony of Kolkata. While every street of Kolkata was seeing the rise of Indo-Chinese flavours, somewhere far, a young foodie, with immense passion for music was discovering his love for the Chinese cuisine. Growing up seeing the true love that Bengal holds for Chinese cuisine, this guy was dreaming of making something new! And that new was Chowman.

Chowman isn’t just a story of a dream come true, neither is it a tale of success. Chowman is instead the journey of a foodie who dared to bring a bend to the food narrative in Bengal.

An avid traveller, a dreamer by heart, and madcap by nature, Debaditya Chaudhury, also the founding member of popular Bengali Rock Band, ‘Lakkhichhara’ was travelling all over Asia learning the Chinese culture, understanding their food tradition.

Debaditya’s perception of Chinese food is not just seeing it as a cuisine. It is the perfect blend of flavours coming to life. And for Debaditya, bringing those exotic flavours onto the plates was a mission. Debaditya did not want to serve food; he wanted to serve passion on plates. And that traces back to the birth of Chowman.

Today, after 14 years, Chowman lives in the hearts of every Chinese lover! Synonymous to all thing Chinese; Chowman now is East India’s No.1 brand in Chinese cuisine. With a wide array of over 675+  menu and an amazing plethora of Thai and other Pan-Asian delicacies Chowman has got over 23 outlets in Kolkata, 6  in Bangalore, 4 in Delhi NCR and 2 in Hyderabad But that’s not all to it!

Chowman’s journey is ongoing, expansion with its next destinations introducing with a branch in Chandigarh, and in the South, we’re set to launch in Chennai. Furthermore, we’re planning to add four new outlets in Delhi in the near future in the South, followed by openings in Bombay and Pune in the West and in the North respectively.

The latest achievement for the brand is being featured in Disney+Hotstar’s new docu-series Brands of Tomorrow that chronicles the journey of new-age Indian brands at the forefront of innovation who have contributed in uplifting the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Debaditya Chaudhury, a popular face in the Food & Beverage industry is now taking the brand beyond for a national venture and recognition with the largest delivery fleet in Bengal and over 400k user downloads, Chowman is the sole brand in Chinese food that has reached unbelievable heights over the years. Currently, Chowman is making its nationwide presence and is soon about to enter the other metropolitans, serving some promising authentic Chinese delights to the people.