Most people, who are not native Chinese, usually hold two impressions of the Chinese cuisine – either they are golden and crispy, sweet and sour in taste, or inedible and unappetizing.  Among the dishes that are widely popular and loved across the world, chowmein surely tops the list. In any Chinese restaurant in Kolkata, this item is sure to be one of the most ordered. However, apart from chowmein, there is a wide array of Chinese dishes that are worth tasting.

  • Kung Pao Chicken:

    In authentic Chinese cuisine, the Kung Pao Chicken is a highly admired dish. In most of the Chinese restaurants in Kolkata such as Chowman, the preparation involves a reddish, thick, and sweet sauce. Scattered all over this sauce are flavorful chicken cubes, peanuts, and various spices.

  • Dumplings:

    According to a Chinese saying, there is nothing as delicious as dumplings. This implies cultural importance attached to this food item in China. These dumplings, often referred to as “momo”, are stuffed with different types of fillings such as meat, vegetables and so on. Dumplings are usually served in almost every famous Chinese restaurant in Kolkata with chili sauce, brown vinegar and minced garlic.

  • Chilli Chicken:

    This is perhaps one of the most popular Chinese dishes in the world. This particular dish tastes great with any main course, be it noodles or rice. In this preparation, the chicken is coated with a mixture of hot chilli, ginger, garlic and spices, and then sautéed with green chillies and onions. A dry version also exists where the ingredients are deep fried.

  • Spring Rolls:

    These are a type of Cantonese dim sum, cylindrical in shape. The filling of these rolls could either be meat or vegetables, and the taste could be either savory or sweet, depending on your choice. Once the fillings are placed in spring roll sheets, they are fried until they turn golden yellow. This dish is popular in many parts of China especially Jiangxi, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.

  • Roast Duck:

    Also known as the Peking Roast Duck, this is a famous dish from Beijing that has been cooked since the colonial era, and is considered to be one of national foods of the country. The duck chosen for the preparation is pickled thoroughly before being roasted. Once it’s done, the duck gets a crispy texture. In an authentic Chinese meal, the duck is usually sliced and then served.