If you are a lover of Chinese food, it is likely that you will be a frequent visitor to many authentic Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. While going through their menu, you may have been confused with terms such as marinade, sauté, stir-fry, deep-fry, etc. This article will introduce you to the different cooking methods applied by top Chinese restaurants like Chowman.

  1. Deep-frying:

    This method is usually used to give a crisp-texture to the food. It involves frying an array of vegetables and meats in oil at a high temperature.

  2. Stir-frying:

    Many Chinese restaurants in Kolkata include a number of stir-fried dishes on their menu. During this process, the ingredients are finely cut into tiny strips, cubes, slices or shreds and then cooked using few drops of oil in a wok, on high heat. These ingredients are frequently tossed and turned with a flat scoop so that they are cooked evenly. This method usually requires a few minutes.

  3. Marinating:

    In a Chinese kitchen, marinating the meat and other raw ingredients before cooking is considered a must. This method is not used to tenderize the ingredients but rather to add flavours to them. Our expert cooks at Chowman believe that 15 minutes of marinating is enough to infuse flavours into the ingredients. A simple marinade can be prepared by mixing cooking oil, soy sauce, wine, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and a little corn flour.

  4. Basic steaming:

    While visiting a top Chinese restaurant in Kolkata, we will undoubtedly come across many steamed dishes in their menu. During the basic steaming method, all the ingredients are mixed with a seasoned sauce and placed in a heat-resistant container. The container is then placed in a wok that is partially filled with water and cooked over high heat. The purpose is to cook the food using the vapour to achieve a tender texture.

  5. Roasting:

    At Chowman, we make sure that fresh ingredients are carefully marinated in flavorsome seasonings before they are roasted or barbecued. The sauces are usually prepared by stirring a mixture of cornstarch and water and then cooking it till it thickens. These sauces are responsible for blending the flavors of various ingredients, imparting a beautiful aroma, and offering a shiny finish to the dish.