If you are a foodie, you will agree that although there are several Chinese restaurants in Kolkata at present, it is difficult to find that authentic taste in countries other than China. This could be due to the fact that Chinese food, like several other cuisines of the world, has been highly Americanized to meet the taste preferences of the locals. Classic Chinese dishes achieve their well-known status through an ideal balance between sour, sweet, hot and savoury flavours. This is why substituting the core ingredients could disturb the delicate balance and ruin the dish. We, at Chowman, make sure that balance is perfectly maintained to give you the authentic taste that you’re looking for.

  1. Light soy sauce:

    When it comes to Chinese food, soy sauce is perhaps the first ingredient that most of us think of. If you visit top Chinese restaurants in Kolkata, you will find that the chefs swear by this ingredient. However, if you are an amateur cook, you may face confusion between light and dark soy sauce while attempting to look for the ingredient at stores. Light soy sauce is actually saltier and thinner than its dark counterpart, and is usually used in little quantities as a light seasoning ingredient or as a dipping sauce.

  2. Sesame oil:

    The amazing nutty taste of this particular oil is one of the most unique flavours found in Chinese preparations. Sesame seeds are said to have originated almost 5000 years ago and are considered to be one the first crops to be used for oil production. Chowman uses this versatile oil in many recipes such as salad dressings, stir-fries, dips, etc. and specifically in the preparation of many adored Chinese dishes like Chowmein and so on.

  3. Oyster sauce:

    Oyster sauce is known to add a savoury flavor that has the power to elevate the taste of any Chinese dish, be it the traditional sauce prepared from oysters or a vegetarian version created from mushrooms. Chowman, one of the authentic Chinese restaurants in Kolkata, adds this expensive sauce to a lot of their dishes to put some extra zing into them.

  4. Dried mushrooms:

    This ingredient is a must in the pantry of Chowman, one of the authentic Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. These mushrooms are much cheaper than the fresh ones,and are also easily available in stores. When properly stored in airtight containers, they have a shelf life of many months, even years.