One of the most popular food varieties in the world is Chinese food. We all love to relish the different Chinese food items in Chinese restaurants in South Kolkata. Among these, Chowman is a well-known name.

1. A wide variety of flavours
According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are five main flavours in Chinese food. They are sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy. The different areas in China are known for the different flavours of the food. There is spiciness in Sichuan cuisine, sweetness in Hong Kong cuisine, saltiness in Hong Kong cuisine and sourness in southern minority cuisine.

2. China’s North/South Food Difference
There is a large amount of wheat production in the north as the weather is cold and dry there. Therefore, dumplings, wheat noodles, steamed buns and stuffed buns are mostly eaten by the people there. The people in the South have mainly rice or rice noodles with almost every meal and also eat more varieties of fruit and vegetables. They eat wheat only occasionally.

3. Huge Quantities Of Fruits And Vegetables
In comparison to the West, the people of China eat more fruits and vegetables. This results in a lot of dietary fiber intake. There are a lot of varieties in the vegetables and fruits of China. You may not have even heard about some of them. In Chowman, the authentic Chinese restaurant in Kolkata, we try to maintain this aspect by using fresh vegetables in many of our popular dishes.

4. Chinese People Prefer Fresh Food
There is almost one wet market per city block in China where fresh meat and freshly picked foods are sold. The Chinese people prefer every food item to be fresh including vegetables. There is a tendency of eating seasonal foods.

5. Chinese Eat Bones Or Spit Bone Splinters
Wastage of food is not preferred by the Chinese people. Therefore, during meals, whole animals are often served. The cooking is done in such a way that the bones are soft enough to chew. It’s believed by the Chinese people that meat near the bones is best and there is much nutrition in bone marrow. In order to release the marrow, bones are deliberately chopped to splinters. A popular item is bone broth.

6. Everything Is Served Bite-Sized For Chopstick Eating
It’s believed by the Chinese people that eating with knives and forks is barbaric. Therefore, they use chopsticks while eating. Before cooking, all the food is chopped up into bite-size pieces before cooking or made very soft to make eating with chopsticks an easy process.