Family is considered to be very important in Chinese society, which is evident through the significance that is placed on the New Year’s Eve dinner. During this feast, all the family members are expected to gather together and enjoy the meal. It is a known fact that when it comes to food, the Chinese take a lot of pride in their cuisine. Although the recipes vary from one region to another, there are a few dishes that are common in every Chinese household. Almost all the items listed below are available in Chinese restaurants in Kolkata like Chowman.

Spring rolls:

This is perhaps the most commonly prepared dish in the Chinese cuisine. In Southern China, these rolls are prepared to celebrate the arrival of spring. Spring roll skins are simply made using flour, salt and water. The filling usually depends on one’s personal preference, but traditionally includes Chinese cabbage, carrots, shiitake mushrooms and seasoning.


Dumplings, the northern counterpart of spring rolls, are a commonly available item in top Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. Although they are prepared in almost every special occasion, they are most significant in the Chinese New Year. Many different varieties of fillings such as cabbage, shrimp, pork and chicken are available to choose from.


In some regions of China, it’s customary to cook noodles along with dumplings. Although there is a lot of debate surrounding the origin of noodles, they are undoubtedly a staple dish in Chinese cuisine. In good Chinese restaurants in Kolkata like Chowman, you have a wide range of appetizers to choose as a side dish to noodles.

Steamed Fish:

Fish is considered an important item in the New Year menu because it symbolizes wealth and surplus. However, the Chinese make sure not to consume the entire fish on a single sitting in order to extend the surplus and hope for a prosperous future. Besides, the whole fish is believed to represent a complete family.

Fried Rice:

Chinese fried rice has become a popular food worldwide and is served in every Chinese restaurant in Kolkata. In order to cook an excellent fried rice dish, it is important to let the rice dry adequately to prevent it from turning sticky. This comfort food is easy to prepare and goes well with almost every gravy based dish.