The saying goes that true friends always stick together! Through the tears, or the laughter, through the rugged road, or in smooth waters. But true friendship thrives the best over a shared bowl of meal. Remember the good ol’ days when two of you screamed over the unequal share of food?

Well we all have grown big and found ourselves in different paths. Some of our friends have moved to a city, some have got married, while some have changed their careers. Those late-night calls are the only thing we’ve got while figuring time out to dine together is hardly a feasibility.

Quarantine too had taken away a lot from us. But as things are slowly getting back to normal, why not try something new this time?

Let’s mend the gap in the bridge this Friendship Day, as you take your best buddy for a special treat from Chowman!

Surprise her with unique and authentic Chinese dishes from the house of Chowman, featuring delicious seafood items like Seafood Ramen, Butter Garlic Prawn, Chowman’s Special Dishes and much more at your nearby Chowman outlet.

And for those staying far from your friends, send in a bowlful of love over a curated meal for your bestie.

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This Friendship Day, let your buddy know the significance of a true friend with a delicious Chinese meal from Kolkata’s favourite authentic Chinese destination, Chowman!