3 07, 2022

Best Seafood Recipes from Chowman

By |2022-07-03T14:25:47+05:30July 3rd, 2022|Blog, chinese food, chinese restaurant|

A proper Chinese meal is incomplete without the wide spread of Seafood dishes. This is due to various reasons and one of the major reason is China’s vast coastline to the east surrounding the Pacific Ocean. And thus, variety of fresh exotic seafood is easily available. With coarse of time and popularity of Chinese cuisine all over the world, [...]

17 06, 2022

Celebrate Father’s Day with Chowman

By |2022-06-17T12:30:01+05:30June 17th, 2022|Blog, chinese food, chinese restaurant|

Remember the times when dad used to secretly hand in some bucks without our moms noticing? Despite the workload, they have tried their best to take us out to dinners. Ice creams, toys and some goodies were almost mandatory while coming back home. Celebrating the day dedicated to our true flesh and blood superhero who always made sure to [...]

4 06, 2022

Chowman now at Delhi

By |2022-06-04T13:06:12+05:30June 4th, 2022|Blog, chinese food, chinese restaurant|

Kolkata’s best and favourite Chinese destination, Chowman has come a long way, now expanding nationally. And after stealing hearts with over 600 + stunning menus handpicked and reinvented from the land of Orients, Chowman adds one more feather to its cap as it enters the capital city of India. Delhi is emerging big this time with a grand launch of [...]

4 06, 2022

Introducing Chowman’s All New Menu

By |2022-06-04T12:30:25+05:30June 4th, 2022|Blog, chinese food, chinese restaurant|

This May, gear up to indulge into the unique flavours of the Orient! Here comes a plethora of handpicked dishes truly inspired from the land of Korea, Burma & Japan all under one roof of Chowman-Kolkata’s favourite Chinese food destination. From veg & non-veg starters, the new menu will feature some lip-smacking, enticing finger foods, main-courses & many more. [...]

29 04, 2022

Beat the heat this Summer with Chowman’s recipes

By |2022-04-30T18:42:28+05:30April 29th, 2022|Blog, chinese food, chinese restaurant|

Summer is here with its scorching heat and a healthy diet along with some hydration is all we want this season. Chowman brings you five easy recipes that is good for your health and satisfies your soul.   MEAT BALL SOUP   Clear soup with minced meat ball flavoured with assorted fresh vegetables is the perfect start for a [...]

14 03, 2022

Hop in to Experience Kolkata’s Best Chinese at Kalyani

By |2022-03-14T12:19:37+05:30March 14th, 2022|Blog, chinese food, chinese restaurant|

Back to back Chowman has taken over the streets of Bengal with over 600+ menus comprising a wide range of authentic Chinese, Kolkata style Chinese, Thai, Pork, Lamb, and various seafood items like Squid, Prawn, Crabs. But the demand has been endless from people of distant places. After winning hearts, Chowman initiated its first ever suburban venture with Serampore where [...]

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