In today’s fast-paced workplace, prioritizing employee well-being is crucial for both productivity and job satisfaction. Creating a healthier and more balanced workplace by promoting physical and mental well-being among your team members is a responsibility of the organization. Chowman brings in it’s first-ever Walkathon to improve the health and mental state of the employees. Taking a morning walk boosts stamina, flexibility, and energy and improves one’s daily activities, ultimately raising productivity, hence Chowman has taken this initiative to keep its employee’s health a priority and make them aware of the importance wellness holds.

The route, carefully mapped through, Southern Samiti, Southern Avenue, Golpark, and Deshoapriya Park promises not only scenic views but also serves as a symbolic path toward positive change.

Mr Debaditya Chaudhury along with other 700+ participants made this entire event a huge success. The walk began at 6:00 am with a spirit of great enthusiasm and excitement. The participants made sure to maintain utmost decorum throughout the walk. Renounce celebrities and sports persons were a part of this occasion to support the cause. Guest accompanied was Devlina Kumar, Sambaran Banerjee, Chef Shaun, and Ranadeep Moitra.

Chowman has always stood out, and this walkathon demonstrated that Chowman is always the first to implement amazing practices in this industry, as well as the one to treat its employees exceptionally.