Chowman is back as promised with another chapter of the Oriental Duck Festival. Chowman consistently never fails to keep its customer’s taste buds tantalizing. The Duck Festival brings with it a variety of lip-smacking dishes inspired by places across the globe and presents them before you. Indulge your senses in a feathered fiesta as we recount the delectable experience of the recent Duck Festival hosted at your favorite destination Chowman. Nestled in the heart of gastronomic delights Chowman brings a quacktastic journey through a myriad of duck-inspired dishes that left our taste buds soaring.
We aim to give our customers a sense of belongingness for which we combine innovations with their preferences and bring out a blend of both, Oriental Duck Festival is no exception. A month-long festival that runs from December 12 to January 12.
We have a variety of dishes on the menu including Roasted Duck Bao, Braised Duck in Exotic sauce, Kolkata Style Chilli Duck, and Thai style Aromatic for the starters. Roasted Mango Duck Lemon Sauce, Spicy Duck in Garlic Sauce, Cantonese Style Roasted Duck with Scallions, Stir Fried Duck with Basil and chili and so many more for the main course. Butter Chilli Garlic Duck Meat, Roasted Duck Fried Rice, and more for the rice and noodles.
Experience the remarkable journey with the package of scrumptious dishes at this Oriental Duck Festival.


Duck Meat Soup
Non-spicy soup with shredded roasted duck meat perfect for winters


Duck Pancake
Crispy deep-fried hand-made wraps filled with a delicious stuffing of lightly spiced and tender duck meat

Roasted Duck Bao
Fluffy goodness of soft steamed Bao buns stuffed with juicy and tender roasted shredded duck

Braised Duck in Exotic Vegetables
A unique preparation along with the richness of braised duck paired with fresh exotic vegetables like three bell pepper, broccoli and mushrooms

Kolkata Style Chilli Duck
Experience the combination of sweet and spicy flavours of Kolkata style with this duck dish prepared with dark soya and chopped chillies, topped with spring onion for a combined zing!

Thai Style Aromatic Duck
Immerse yourself in the aromatic delights of Thai flavours with this dish, featuring perfectly cooked duck meat, infused with traditional Thai ingredients


Roasted Mango Duck in Lemon Sauce
Taste the perfect blend of roasted duck infused with sweet mango flavours, harmonized with a zest of lemon sauce for a delightful culinary adventure

Spicy Duck in Garlic Sauce
Kickstart with a spiced duck dish, skilfully cooked in a sauce ladened with chopped garlic with a load of flavour and a bend of red chilli

Cantonese Style Roasted Duck with Scallions
Savor the traditional Cantonese dish of appetizing roasted duck, enhanced by the crispness of the scallions, for a hearty meal

Stir Fried Duck with Basil & Chilli
Tantalizing fusion of stir-fried duck prepared with a spicy bend of chillies, paired with fresh basil flavours

Roasted Duck in Bamboo Shoot
A culinary adventure over delicate duck meat stir-fried with Shiitake in a concoction of butter, wine, chilli & garlic, tossed with base-note of freshly fermented bamboo shoots

Roasted Duck in Chilli Plum Sauce
The perfect blend of sweet and spicy prepared using chilli flake, tossed in chilli plum; with sprinkles of spring onion on top

Claypot Duck
Tender and juicy duck meat roasted and tossed in soya sauce, oyster sauce, with mushroom, and served in a clay pot

Pepper Roasted Duck
Roasted duck sprinkled with black pepper, prepared in the beautiful mix of white wine and melted butter.


Butter Chilli Garlic Duck Meat
Delectable spicy roasted duck strips tossed with noodles in a perfect blend of butter & chopped garlic, topped with chilli flakes

Pan Fried Duck Meat Noodles
Noodles, pan fried and served with shredded duck in thick gravy of diced vegetables, tossed in oyster sauce, dark soya and flavoured with wine & a strong aroma of shiitake mushroom and bamboo shoots

Spicy Lemon Grass Duck Meat Rice
A spicy twist to duck meat, infused with the zesty essence of lemongrass, served for a tempting and scrumptious meal

Roasted Duck Fried Rice
A filling main course rice meal fried with tender, shredded roasted duck and egg