Covering another mile stone, Chowman has not failed to prove itself as the crowned head in its thirteen years of culinary journey. And this time, the enduring legacy has been hold in high regards by the‘Brand of Tomorrow’. Featuring the journey of Chowman becoming a known face in the F&B industry against the narration of Chowman’s owner, Debaditya Chaudhury, this documentary series tells the tale of this renowned brand which started from personifying his love for Chinese food into a chieftain of its kind.

Chowman’s origin dates back to the time when Chowman’s owner, never could have predicted the reciprocation of the immense love by the family that he gradually built over the last 13 years. And after the gradual progress in all these days, Chowman today has become the first to the sole brand from East India in the series ‘Brands of Tomorrow’ launched on Hotstar. He has been established as ‘Bona Fida’ expert; greatest entrepreneur as justified by the series. Debaditya Chaudhury has always proved himself as the epitome of putting thoughts into actualization, inculcating his leanings into practice.

The recognition perfectly adds to the motivation caution to keep expanding the empire further. Brands of Tomorrow have chosen to depict the inspiring tale amongst the aspiring entrepreneur, to not only persuade them with dedication but also encourage them to build their own imagination into reality.

The episode illustrated the position Chowman has gained amongst the vast competitors across the country, and remains persistent. It highlights the growth and expansion witness over the years, giving it entrepreneur the platform to disclose the emotions behind the brand.

As a docu-series chronicling the journey of futuristic brands, Chowman, as a brand once again takes a league with its impactful journey in its feat of entrepreneurial success!