Republic day marks as a significant evolution in the Indian history, a day that united all Indians as one to believe and practice towards a better future. A nation that strives for development and innovation like Chowman strives to keeps its people happy at all times.

Chowman is proud to celebrate Republic Day with a spirit of democracy and unity. As we commemorate the adoption of the Indian Constitution, we reflect on the values that bind our nation together, just as Chowman’s motto does for its people.

One of the highlights of this special day has been India’s leading chain of Chinese restaurant, Chowman. Alongside a wide array of scrumptious delights like Chilli Plum Squid, Lamb in Oyster Sauce, or Exotic Vegetables in Coriander Sauce; or opt for their pocket-friendly, delectable combos of Hakka Noodles/Fried Rice with Barbeque Chicken/ Chilli Paneer.

Make the best of this day as you unite with your family members over a scrumptious meal from Chowman, sitting in the comfort of your home, visit or the nearest outlet for a beautiful dine-in experience.