The Bengali New Year, Poila Baishakh , is a time when families come together to celebrate with gusto. Homes are adorned with colourful decorations, people dress in traditional attire, and cultural performances such as music, dance, and dramas are held to mark the occasion.

Food plays a significant role in the celebrations, with families preparing elaborate meals and feasts to share with loved ones. While Bengali cuisine is undoubtedly delicious, adding a twist to your Poila Baishakh celebrations by incorporating Chinese food can bring a unique and exciting flavour to the festivities.

Poila Baisakh is not yet far and it’s something that all foodies look forward to. Gone is the stereotypical Bengali array of dishes lining up the table. Although the love for some lip-smacking Basanti Polao, Fish and Chicken are too hard to replace, yet Chinese food, alongside typical Bengali food, is emerging to take centre stage in the food consumption vogue. For most Bengalis these days, in this fast-paced world, celebrating the day beyond the traditional spree is now a happening trend. And, Kolkata’s favourite Chowman is delving into this opportunity to bring a Chinese blend on this Poila Baishakh.

Chowman’s warm and comfortable seating along with a soothing ambience brings you an array of scrumptious delicacies that include chicken, fish, prawn, crab, pork and lamb along with diverse Rice and Noodle food items to compliment the dishes.

This Poila Baisakh prawn lovers can munch on the dishes like Prawn in Mustard Sauce, Mountain Chilli Prawn, Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken, Chilli Crab Claws, Lobster in Sauce of your Choice alongside small bites of Golden Fried Fish, Chowman’s best Fried Chicken Wings, Fish Pepper Salt, Fried Squid in Chilli Sauce. And accompanying these, find some of the most preferred dishes like Rice with Asian Green, Chilli Garlic Noodles, Seafood Meifoon & American Chopsuey. Do not forgetChowman’s also has some best Veg variations featuring starters, and a main course full of Mushroom, Paneer, Tofu and drool-worthy dishes of Exotic Veg.

Visit your nearby Chowman outlet with your friends and family this Poila Baishakh and indulge in some delicious Chinese food!

Online Offer: Get Rs. 250 off* (Chowman App)

Timing: 12 noon till midnight

Helpline no.: 18008902150

Cost for Two: 1000/- + taxes