Kolkata’s best Chinese food destination, Chowman has been paving its path with lip-smacking delicious Chinese food over the last few years. And for a change, it now brings its first-ever Restro cum Pub services at Russell Street Outlet located at Post Office, 3, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Little Russel St, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071.

So, if you are visiting the place sometime soon, don’t forget to hop in for some booze! But wait a minute! Are you still sceptical about what to pair with your sinful bliss? Here are some of Chowman’s inhouse Chinese food that you can perfectly pair with your preferred booze without a shadow of a doubt, and here are some reasons why-

Beer + Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken: Since beer is derived from cereal grains, it has a bitter flavour to it predominantly with a subtle bend of sweetness to it. Chowman, Russell Street is currently featuring a basic lineup of beers like Hoegaarden, Corona, Bira, Budweiser, Kingfisher and Carlsberg. And if you are opting for Beer, try out our Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken with bone. The spicy, sour blend of tender chicken tossed in dark Soya with just a perfect fusion of sweetness leaves a spicy aftertaste after every sip of your beer, dear!

White Wine + Chicken Spring Roll: When it comes to white wine, it gives a super elegant feeling inside. A little on the sour end, white wine goes really well with something crispy, less spicy and with a whiter base. In that case, Chicken Spring roll is always a safe choice. Take a sip followed by a bite of Chicken Spring Rolls and explode in those perfect steps of munch, spice and subtle flavours bursting in your mouth! At Chowman are currently serving White wines like White Sula & White Shiraz at unbelievably affordable prices.

Red Wine + Butter Garlic Prawn: Red and white have always been the perfect pair in terms of contrast, complementing each other. Whether for colour pairings or food flavours, the sweet-sour blend of red wine gets enhanced when paired with something with a white base! And if it has the perfect fusion of butter and garlic, you have hit the right flavour score. Be it our Red Sula or Red Sangria, anything will work great with our Butter Garlic King-sized prawn with a blend of sweet, topped with White pepper for that right zing of spice.