Siblings have mastered the art of irritating each other, from stealing snacks to fighting over the TV remote, but the reality is that they always have each other’s back. Chowman celebrates this everlasting bond of siblinghood with amazing offers!

Rakhi is a feeling of togetherness and this feeling can be expressed in many ways. Chowman exclusively gives you the wholesome feeling of togetherness and inclusivity by having food of all kinds.

Like every auspicious occasion Chowman brings exclusive offers and this time is no different! With an exclusive Chowman offer of upto 250 off, and a 20% offer for dine-in on Chowman Pay, we bring in outlandish offers to celebrate the bond of togetherness. Inculcating the true meaning of rakhi to its menu, Chowman introduces the best way of collaborating food and emotions in packages of happiness.

Along with wide array of Chinese delectable, witness a lineup of signature starters like Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken, Stir-Fried Four Treasured Mushroom, Prawn Har Gau to Maincourse dishes like Schezwan Style Meifoon, Cantonese Noodles, Seafood fried Rice, Khao Suey, Ramen alongside Chilli Basil Fish, Prawn in Red or green Curry, Sweet & Sour Prawn, Schezwan Orange Roasted Lamb to variety of seafood like Lobster, Squid, Crab and much more!

Express your deep emotion with something special this time and relish this rakhi with your siblings at Chowman.