Children’s Day is a very special occasion for the kids; it’s a day to make them realize they are extraordinary. This year, Chowman invites families to partake in a delightful celebration, offering Chowman exclusive kids menu specially crafted to captivate the taste buds of our youngest patrons.


We understand that children have discerning palates, and our chefs have risen to the occasion with our kid’s menu that combines nutritional value with irresistible flavors. From keeping the plates sumptuous to making them attractive with dishes named after cartoon characters like Doraemon’s Beloved Red Chicken, Quack Quack Baby Corn, Chunky Monkey’s Fruit Bowl, Peppa Pig’s Pot, and so many more delicious items. Each item is a culinary adventure designed to appeal to the most discerning young taste buds.


Every meal should be an adventure, in our opinion, especially for our younger visitors. We even make sure to keep the young ones oriented in our puzzles that are given to them while the dish is being prepared. By serving food with a vibrant and imaginative flair, Chowman goes above and beyond excellent taste. Each plate is turned into a canvas by our chefs, who take great pleasure in making mealtimes an aesthetically pleasing experience that kids will find both thrilling and delicious.


This Children’s Day, bring your little ones to Chowman for a celebration of flavors, colors, and laughter. Our specially crafted menu and puzzles for the kids ensure that every child visiting Chowman has a memorable and enjoyable experience. Join us at Chowman in creating lasting memories as we celebrate the joy and wonder of childhood with a feast fit for our little gourmands.