Duck is a staple in Chinese cuisines, owing to its ease of availability. Roasted Duck is one of the most iconic dishes in authentic Chinese cooking, and a favourite among the Chinese and foreigners alike. So much so, that Roasted Duck was even allowed to be kept at room temperature before cooking, in spite of potential public health concerns in California, as it is very important to the tradition and culture of China.

The bird is generally considered to be a symbol for freedom and is quite resourceful. In Chinese culture, the Duck is also synonymous with bliss and fidelity, and is often used in marriages to attract harmony and love. They are also quite popular as Feng Shui, specifically the Mandarin Ducks. The Mandarin Ducks earn their name due to their likeness in personality with higher officials, called Mandarin. The bird gains even more popularity in Oriental Chinese cuisine due to its medicinal properties; the Chinese believe duck meat has the power to relieve cold, phlegm, and even disorders of the kidney.

Many of the authentic Chinese restaurants in India, like Chowman, serve Duck as a special delicacy. Due to its high price point, it is considered a luxury food item in most parts of the country, owing to the very limited population of ducks as compared to China. Nevertheless, it is quite favoured by foodies. The meat is more difficult to cook than the more commonly eaten chicken, and according to many, also tastier. Of all the Duck dishes served at the top Chinese restaurants, Peking duck is perhaps the most common. It is also the most popularly eaten duck preparation in China, famous for its crispy skin and tasteful meat cooked to perfection. Some other very popular duck dishes, often seen on the menu of high end Chinese restaurants are, Aromatic Asian Style Duck, Chilli Plum Duck, Stir Fried Peking Duck, etc. In many places all over the world restaurants host a Duck Festival where specially curated duck-centred menus are highlighted. Chowman, an authentic Chinese restaurant in Kolkata hosts an annual Oriental Duck Festival every winter. It is a month-long affair with affordable, yet exotic duck meat items on the menu, which makes it quite popular among the locals of the city.