With the growth of environmental consciousness as well as healthy eating habits among people, vegetarian and Vegan diets have seen a quick rise all over the world. Even countries with meat as a staple diet are quickly adopting Vegan alternatives. More and more people are going meatless every day and famous cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and even Italian, amongst others, are adapting themselves to cater to vegetarian and Vegan foodies.

Perhaps the only similarity between Vegetarian and Vegan diets is that they are both meat-less diets. A Vegan diet does not allow any animal product or by-product. This includes, but is not limited to, meat, dairy products, eggs, honey. Vegetarian diets do not restrict any animal products other than meat and sometimes eggs.

Modern scientific research has made it possible to create alternatives for nearly anything. There are alternatives to dairy, like Almond milk, Soy milk, Cashew milk, Oat milk, etc. Cheese and butter are made also from these dairy-free substitutes. There are natural and artificial sweeteners to replace honey.

Which items from Chinese cuisine can vegans eat?

Tofu is a very popular staple in authentic Chinese cuisine and it’s completely vegan! Tofu is a popular alternative for meat and cheese in nearly any recipe. Rice is another Chinese staple that is vegan (and gluten-free). Famous Chinese restaurants like Chowman serve both of these items. It is fairly simple to incorporate veganism into Chinese cuisine.

Some popular Chinese vegan dishes are:

  • Congee – This traditional Chinese dish is as delicious as it’s healthy. And, completely vegan!
  • Dumplings – Traditional steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetables.
  • Chowmein – It’s fairly easy to make this tasty and popular dish with vegetables. The noodles themselves are made of wheat and are naturally vegan.
  • Soup – There are various versions of this dish and it can be easily made vegan by swapping out the chicken stock for vegetable stock and adding vegetables like mushrooms, beans, corn, etc.
  • Desserts – Even Chinese desserts are enjoyed on a vegan diet. Tangyuan, one of the most famous Chinese desserts, is naturally vegan. Other desserts like candied fruits, black sesame pudding, red bean buns, etc. are also vegan-friendly.