Love is in the air! And this Valentine’s day, Kolkata renowned Chowman chain of restaurants aims to put you on cloud nine with its incredible ‘Meal for Two’ offer at just Rs.699 with an additional surprise chocolate box for the extra relish.

Whether you are in the first flush of romance, or happily established in a relationship, there’s one day of the year that you can celebrate your love- Valentine’s Day on 14th of February. It is the most romantic day of the year! That annual opportunity to show our deep adoration, kindness and love for our nearest and dearest ones

Valentine’s week is upon us, beginning on February 7 with Rose Day and culminating on February 14. Each day celebrates a unique concept of love. After Rose Day, comes Propose Day, followed by Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally Valentine’s Day.

 With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, there are gazillian ways to make the day extra special. Flowers, chocolate, jewellery, dinner and champagne all enhance the romance of the day. But the best valentine’s gift is undoubtedly a romantic dinner date over a sumptuous Chinese meal, after all “Loves goes through the stomach”.

Do you fancy spending some quality time with your loved one over a delicious Chinese meal, toasting your relationship? If you are in the daunting task of trying to impress your partner in a better way than usual then be sure to keep Chowman in mind for your big-day celebration and make your day unforgettable. There’s no better way than to celebrate the occasion with your loved one over a heart-warming meal.

Whether you are irrevocably in love or still pondering over which way to swipe on a dating app, it’s always a good idea to have a few romantic dinner plans up your sleeve for Valentine’s Day. After all, few things spell love like unique mocktails, extravagant mains, and dreamy desserts.

When it comes to Chinese fare, you can’t get more authentic than the renowned Chowman. For the season of love, Chowman offers a well curated meal for two, featuring classics like Manchow Soup, Shanghai Noodles (or rice), Vegetables in Chilli Basil Sauce and Chilli Garlic Chicken in Red Pepper Sauce. For dessert there’s darsan with ice-cream for the sweetest ending to your perfect night. Look out for the surprise chocolate box with your meal!

Enjoy it all and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!