With Durga Puja only a week away, all the restaurants near you are gearing up to serve hoards of people during the grand, week-long affair. While the excitement of Puja remains, safety is the topmost priority for people this year.

Adorning colourful new clothes, hanging out with friends, going out pandal hopping with family – all require one thing this year. Good health and safety. Whether it is safe to eat out at restaurants is an ongoing debate. But the best restaurants in the city are well equipped to handle crowds, without any kind of compromise on their part. Chowman, one of Kolkata’s best Chinese restaurants is taking stringent measures to make sure that the dining experience is completely safe and secure.

From body temperature screening, sanitization, to a completely contactless dining experience, Chowman has taken complete care of everything. Even for home delivery, all precautions are maintained and completely contactless delivery is ensured.

One of the best places to dine out in Kolkata, Chowman focuses not only on the safety precautions but also on their scrumptious menu. The guests have a large variety of items to choose from, starting from soups, starters, main courses which include vegetarian options, and non vegetarian options like Chicken, Fish, Prawn, Pork, Lobster, Lamb, Squid, and more! And of course, a variety of delectable desserts for a sweet ending to the meal. With 14 outlets all over Kolkata, Barasat and Newtwon, Rajarhat, Chowman is your best bet if you are looking for a Chinese restaurant to satisfy your Puja cravings.