Chowman’s Cantonese Noodles

Chinese food is an absolute love for almost everyone around the world. The  rapid growth of Chinese restaurants evolving globally is a testimony to the surging demand for Chinese cuisine.

Dating back as one of the oldest cuisines, Chinese food now is now a commonality following the Chinese settlement in every part of the world. However, with the evolution of time, Chinese cuisine tends to have gone a gradual appropriation fusing a local appropriation, thereby departing from its very root of authenticity.

Today, the knowledge of Chinese delicacies is deducted from an appropriated stylization and is restrained to few very basics that we misperceive to be the ultimate for Chinese cuisine. However, we often tend to forget that authentic Chinese delicacies are way beyond our retrained knowledge of the cuisine. Here are some of the stereotyped ideologies that we need to rethink before we call ourselves a true Chinese-food lover!

1.Chinese food is not always about Spices!

We are often mistaken into believing that spices, being essential for the Asian cuisines, are predominant in Chinese preparations as well. While many of the Chinese delicacies trigger a bursting of multiple flavors and spices for the mouth; not every Chinese dish has a spice to it. Many dishes come out to be on the non-spicy side like the egg fried rice or the Beijing popular Peking duck.

2.Bizarre thoughts on the meat used in Chinese cuisine:

 Nope! There is no need to fear meat-based dishes in the Chinese cuisines because they are not about cats and dogs only! Many people are often skeptical and have a grim face when it comes to trying out meat in China! People even have the tendency to believe that they can be fooled into serving cats and dogs in the name of meat. But that’s not true. The majority of the families these days own a cat or a dog in China of recent times. And with the ongoing campaigns against the Yulin festival, slowly we are witnessing a decline in the usage of such types of meats in Chinese food preparation.

3.Chinese cuisine originating from one place-

No that’s absolutely not true! China being a place of diversity allows a rapid transition in flavours and style with every topographical change. And that is why we witness a subtle change in the Sichuan style of noodles and the Hunan style of noodles. This kind of duality is very common in Chinese dishes. So better prepare for a plethora of flavours when it comes to trying out Chinese cuisines.

4.Chinese food does not mandate MSG:

The usage of MSG in Chinese food is very much a non-Chinese intervention and now has been misconstrued as a mandatory add on when it comes to preparing Chinese dishes. However, authentic Chinese does not mandate MSG in its preparation. In fact most food items are made without any incorporation of the MSG.