Marking the auspicious occasion of Chowman’s tenth anniversary, the Chinese restaurant chain has introduced a Special Menu! Keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of their large customer base, Chowman has introduced 10 new dishes with something for everyone!

The items on menu are:

  1. Mushroom & Black fungus in Chilli Soya Sauce – A spicy and unique combination of stir fried assorted mushrooms, black fungus tossed in chilli soya sauce
  2. Crispy Honey Lotus Stem – Shallow fried crispy Lotus stem flavoured with light soy, honey and a hint of chilli sauce. It is a sweet, crispy and very healthy dish as the Lotus stem is very rich in vitamins and other nutrients
  3. Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken – A timeless classic reinvented, this includes bite sized pieces of chicken with tender bones tossed with chillies and Chowman’s secret spicy sauce
  4. Clay Pot braised Chicken with Mushroom – Tender and juicy sliced chicken slightly blanched and tossed in soya sauce, oyster sauce, with mushroom and served in a clay pot
  5. BBQ Smoked Fish – Scrumptuious, shallow fried bhetki tossed in the seasoning of five spice, hoisin, dark soy sauce and red bean paste
  6. Prawn Har Gau – Little packets of flavour, these are traditional Cantonese steamed dumplings made from a variety of starch sources, wrapped around a filling of delicious prawn
  7. Wok Tossed Cabbage with Minced Pork in Oyster Sauce – A dark and rich combination of minced pork meat and diced cabbage tossed with dark soya, oyster sauce, chillies and spring onion
  8. Lamb rolls in soya sauce – Shredded Lamb meat tossed in house sauces, wrapped in rolls and steamed, served with a flavoursome soya sauce
  9. Stir Fried Squid with Bell Pepper, Ginger and Spring Onion – Delicious medley of cubes of tender squid and bell pepper stir fried with ginger and spring onions to give a flavourful taste
  10. Crispy Fried Crab Wonton – Round tender dumpling stuffed with crab meat, mushrooms and seasoning, deep fried to crispy golden brown perfection, served with sweet chilli sauce

So come and dive right in and celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chowman!