Delicious food is an attraction to most of us. We like to taste food items from the cuisines of different countries all over the world. Among the different cuisines of the world, Chinese cuisine is the most popular. In China, there are different cities and there are unique cuisines of each city.

  • Chengdu

The capital of the Sichuan province in Southwest China, Chengdu is known for its mouthwatering hot and spicy cuisine. The people from all over the world love the delicious food of Chengdu. A variety of local snacks are available al the year round at the Jinli Street in Chengdu.

  • Beijing

The capital city of China is Beijing. Here you can find a variety of cuisines from different parts of the country. In street stands, small restaurants and big restaurants, various food items are available. However, authentic Beijing dishes must be first consumed by you. A famous gourmet cuisine of Beijing is Peking roast duck, which has a history of more than 600 years. For the tempting shining colour, crispy skin and tender meat, this item is very popular in the whole world. It can be found in the best Chinese restaurants in Kolkata during food festivals.

  • Guangzhou

The birthplace of Cantonese cuisine is Guangzhou, the capital of Guandong province. Fresh clean flavours, seafood, barbecued meats and yum cha, a type of tea, are the characteristics of Guangzhou cuisine. There is often a saying that almost all living things are eaten by Cantonese people.

  • Tianjin

In all China, Tianjin cuisine is well known. Goubuli bao zi (Goubuli stuffed buns), Shibajie ma hua (18th Street fried dough twists) and Er duo yan zha gao (ear-hole-like fried rice cakes) are some of the local snacks of Tianjin. You can get to taste the local Tianjin dishes at Tianjin Food Street.

  • Shanghai

Shanghai-styled Chinese food items are very popular in an authentic Chinese restaurant in Kolkata.The eating options at the Shanghai city range from street food stalls to five-star restaurants. The cuisines of China and the world are available here. Ben Bang cuisine is the local cuisine of Shanghai. A strong flavour and the bright colour of bean sauce are the different characteristics of Shanghai cuisine, which is different from Cantonese cuisine.

  • Hangzhou

The charming scenery and local cuisine have made Hangzhou famous. It is known as “the heaven on earth”. Steaming, boiling and roasting are the different cooking styles in Hangzhou cuisine. The foodies from all over the world love famous Hangzhou dishes such as Dongpo pork, beggar’s chicken, Longjing fried shrimp and West Lake vinegar fish for their light taste.

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