Few loves are unbeatable. And that of a mother is known to all. But something which has always come close to the mother’s love, at times exceeding, would that be of a mother in laws.

And Bengal’s favourite Chinese destination knows it all too well. As Bengal’s favourite Jamai Shashti approaches, we  want to shout out to all the bengali Shashuri (mother-in-laws) who want to do their best in showering their love and unconditional support and hope into the hearts of her dear Son-in-law, because the bond between a mother and her son-in-law is one of the most sweet emotions in this world!


Chowman salutes all those mother-in-laws who have always backed up their son-in-laws like no one.  And while, there’s no substitute to a mother’s self cooked Bong cuisine, Chowman truly appreciates those mum-in-laws who might not get the opportunity to do so. In that case, all these mums can order in some of their son-in-laws favourite Chinese dishes from the best Chinese in the city.

Grab your phone and scroll through a wide range of Seafood, pork, lamb, dishes. Or else give a try to Chowman’s  all new menu and surprise your Jamais with an array of Pan Asian delicacies such as Baos, Khao Suey, Raman, Bangkok Street Noodle Bowl and much much more!!