Kolkata’s biggest festivity with Durga pujo marks a totally different feel to the air. Any average Bangali would agree that ‘Durga Pujo’ comes with a heady mix of Durga maa, food, pandal hopping, lovers, and adda.

A little tweak here in there is possible, but something a Bangali can never settle down without during a pujo affair is food.

Last year, the foodies’ hearts were literally queueing up restaurants in every nook and corner of the street. For some, food is like a divine thing that goes hand in hand with Pujo. Infact, to them, pujo is all about exploring restaurants and new dishes irrespective of the lines, and scorching heat or the drizzling rain and mushes.

While a few handful strictly stick to a typical luxury of Bangali bhoj of Polao, Mutton Kosha and Roshogollas, Kolkata’s best Chinese chain of restaurants, Chowman is featuring few of it’s signature dishes that you can try out this Pooja….

Panchami adda with School Buddies:

Make this evening memorable with some enticing, affordable starters and munchies like,

  • Roasted Chilli Pork
  • Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken
  • Prawn Pepper Salt
  • Or a complete non-veg Combo Bowl

Shoshti has to be a little raw…

Obviously, you gorged on those fried snacks and phuchkas and chaats in the street. But it’s one o’clock in the night and your tummy is growling. Then here are some filling yet light dishes to try out alone or with your family members….

Start with a simple,

  • light Chowman’s Special Chicken
  • Try out with a spicy blend of Chilli Garlics noodles/Rice

Keep it simple.

Saptami means late night outing.

Why not hop in to any of our nearby outlets? Do try our

  • Seafood Ramen (filling yet light for the late-night appetite)
  • Or a lip-smacking bowl of Khao Suey

However, if you like it spicier,

  • Dare to try our Devil’s Prawn

Ashtami, switch for a complete veg platter.

  • Try our veg combo or Schezwan Hakka Noodles Veg
  • Paired with Vegetables in white Sauce.

And if you are dining out, switch your sweet cravings with some delicious

  • Brownie with Ice Cream.

Navami, lets celebrate with the entire family. Visit us late night with your bunch of closest people and use our scan code to select a wide range of menu. Do try our signature style

  • Kolkata Style Chilli Fish,
  • Or an entire bowl of Bangkok Street noodle Bowl.

However, you can also keep it simple with some delicious

  • Sui Mai, or Prawn Har Gau or some squid starters.

Subho Pujo!