The country is celebrating one of the most widely celebrated festivals – Durga Puja. Whether you are a ‘probashi’ or an expat Bengali or even if you do not have any Bengali parentage, this socio-cultural event will enthrall you and your near and dear ones irrespective of geographical location.

Bengalis are true foodies and Durga Puja is a testimony to this fact. The festivities are about to begin and as everyone is gearing for the five-day affair, food becomes an integral part of the pujas.

Here, Durga Pujo juxtaposes the celebration of Durga along with food.  As a ‘Probashi’ Bengali, if you haven’t been to Chowman, you have been missing out on the best Kolkata Chinese that there is. Their Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken is beyond this world, and so is the Roasted Chilli Pork. From starters to desserts, this place will hit your palette like never before. Located in East of Kailash and Sector 18 Noida, Chowman will transport you to Kolkata when it comes to delicious food.

For Bengalis, the only thing that comes close to their love for football is food. If you are a Bengali and craving for some delectable seafood preparations this Durga Pujo, then munch on Chowman’s few recommended dishes like Golden Fried Prawns, Kolkata Style Chilli Fish, Pepper Garlic Crab, and so on while special main course dishes like Mountain Chilli Crab Claws, Crab Meat in Chilli Basil, Butter Garlic Prawn and many more. Starters will include staples like Fish in Oyster Sauce, while specialties like Prawn in Chilli Mustard sauce, Butter Garlic Jumbo Prawn, Mandarin Fish are also on the menu! Other Main courses available are sumptuous Non-Veg Mixed Meifoon or Lemon Grass Fried Rice with Chilli Wine Fish and many more among the other delicacies.

So, on this happy note, come to Chowman located in East of Kailash and Noida area during this Durga Puja and we promise you a gastronomic experience you’re not going to forget anytime soon!