Chinese cooking techniques are highly coveted. The popular Chinese restaurants in South Kolkata use traditional utensils, which help in following the traditional cooking techniques followed by Chinese people, making the tastes and flavours more authentic.

The most important and commonly used utensil is a Chinese wok. It can be used for any type of cooking from boiling to frying and can bear very high heat. This is why non-stick woks are not a good option for cooking. They are paired with metal hoaks or ladles and are found in all authentic Chinese restaurants.

The next most common item in Chinese cooking is a bamboo steamer. They are used to steam different types of dimsums, which is a staple in Chinese cuisine. Chowman, one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in South Kolkata, uses these bamboo steamers for one of their most popular dishes.

Another commonly used item for Chinese cooking is Chopsticks. The cooking chopsticks are generally longer and thicker than normal chopsticks to withstand high heat. They have various uses – from stirring, frying, mixing to even beating eggs.

Other important utensils include Clay pots, Hotpots, Strainers for noodles and fried items, and Steamers which are largely used at all famous Chinese restaurants in Kolkata