Kolkata, earlier known as KaliKata nestled alongside the vastness of River Ganga, is more about nostalgia and the fondness of holding onto the bygone era and traditions.

The “City of Joy” is full of life with the historical buildings of North Calcutta that stand testimony to the British colonization and echoes the stories of Rabindranath Tagore to the eccentric posh South Calcutta with its beautiful skyline buildings hovering around the city sky filled with the hustle-bustle of modern life, all Kolkata style.

Chilli Chicken is the first of the Chinese dishes that hit the Ganges of Bengal. The Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken reflects the rich history of the past, the earliest being settlers from Tibet who escaped the Chinese Socialist oppression and carried with them their cuisine. The dish is a perfect blend of Indo-Chinese spices. The taste is subtly sweet, sour and spicy, all at the same time hitting your taste-buds, a result of all the flavors whisked up together popularly known as Tangra Chinese cuisine and this inspired Chowman to introduce our famous Kolkata style Indo-Chinese dishes.

We at Chowman strive to infuse the traditions and cultures of our root city and keep them alive with our range of Kolkata style dishes. The famous Chinese Kolkata Style dishes such as Chef’s special Kolkata style Chilli Chicken, Kolkata style Chilli Fish are all the Chef’s signature dishes that caters to the taste-buds of Kolkata and is our authentic take on street style Chinese food of Kolkata.

The Kolkata style Chilli Chicken with bone @280

The Kolkata style Chilli Fish @330

The Kolkata style Chilli Pork @315

Are all beautiful blends of emotions of Kolkata with a tinge of spiciness added to it. The best Chinese restaurant in town, Chowman is ready to make you taste a bit of Kolkata style best Chinese dishes in the city. No matter where you are, Delhi, Bangalore or Kolkata, order your plate of Calcutta happiness now!