Behind every successful venture, there always is a woman. And this goes the same for Chowman as well. With the notion of how women have stepped in, into a male-dominating hospitality industry, thereby breaking the bias, Chowman too has brought into light its amazing Woman Squad to break through the kitchen code and reach beyond!

And as a celebration for the gender that is the epitome of everything that we strive to be- a homemaker, and a workaholic, a passionate mom, to a mate in need, Chowman brings a flat 10% off on total bill amount for every girl gang!

It’s time to break the dogma surrounding a Woman’s appetizer that still prevails subtly in our society. Time to bring out the foodie in you that has known the flavours, and has made food close to the heart!

And now it’s on Chowman to do the same, as it strives to reach to the heart of the woman squad with its incredible discount offer!

Happy Women’s Day to All!!!