While food preferences differ from people to people, there are certain items considered to be Super Foods – precisely owing to their heavy nutrients content which helps in repairing cell damage and give the body necessary nutrients to fight diseases.

Some of the most commonly found items which qualify as Superfoods include:

Turmeric – It is a spice commonly found in nearly every Indian household. It has anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce the risk of diseases. The presence of a compound called Curcumin has been known to prevent heart diseases, Alzheimers and even cancer.

Tofu – A popular part of Chinese cuisine, tofu is gluten-free and very low in calories. It is high in protein and micronutrients and a good vegan alternative for milk products. Though not readily available in the Indian households, tofu dishes are found in nearly every authentic Chinese restaurant, like Chowman. Make at home: Stir fried tofu with vegetables.

Green Tea – Used widely in traditional Chinese medicine, Green Tea is great for health. It is known to be great for weight loss, as well as other diseases like PCOD, liver and heart diseases. It is also known to prevent cancer and increase immunity.

Eggs – Another pantry staple, eggs are high in protein, delicious and versatile. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – eggs can be eaten at any time of day and in various forms. It is also rich in micro and macro nutrients which are necessary for good health. Make at home: Egg drop soup.

Fish: The best source of Omega 3, fish is eaten all over the country. Omega 3 fatty acids are important for eyesight and heart health. Fish is also high in Vitamin D which many people are often deficient in, and also contains high protein. It comes in many forms which makes it the perfect choice for Indian meals. Make at home: Pan fried fish with soy sauce.