A healthy way to start your meal is with a warm bowl of soup. It will soften and warm your stomach before the intake of the heavy food items of the main course. A bowl of soup has numerous health benefits. There is a high quantity of water in soup, which keeps your skin fresh and nourishes your body cells. Vegetables, meat, chicken or even legumes and rice are used in the preparation of soup, which is a natural and healthy option. The nutritional value is preserved in the broth even after cooking due to the preparation method of the soup. As a result, it is enriched in vitamins, minerals and proteins. A variety of soups served at the Chinese restaurants in South Kolkata are rich in fibre and keep your digestive system healthy and prevent bloating and constipation. Here are the names of some soups that are healthy as well as tasty.


In the Cantonese regions of China, Wonton soup is very popular and very thin noodles are added in it. Leafy vegetables and wontons are used to garnish the soup. Shrimp wontons are used in the classic Cantonese style but other meats and vegetables are also used. There is no original taste of the noodles and they absorb the taste of the soup.


Before gorging into your favourite Chinese dishes at Chowman, an authentic Chinese restaurant in Kolkata, order a bowl of tasty Chicken Noodle soup. Noodles, chicken broth, cornstarch, chicken meat, onion and other ingredients are used to prepare this soup.


The texture of Cream of Mushroom soup is creamy. To prepare this soup, mushrooms, heavy cream, flour and some vegetables are used. Before serving, it is garnished with parsley leaves


There is high nutritional value in Tomato and Egg soup, though it is made with just a few ingredients. These are water, green onions, tomato and egg.


One of the main seafood soups within Cantonese cuisine is Cantonese Seafood soup. The main ingredient used in this soup is seafood. The texture of the soup is smooth.


A Chinese soup of wispy beaten eggs in boiled chicken broth is known as Egg Drop soup. In this soup, condiments such as black pepper or white pepper are also added. When the preparation of the soup is at the last stage, a thin stream of beaten eggs is added to the boiling broth, creating flakes of cooked eggs that float in the soup.