For decades, restaurants have been a space for families to come together and spend quality time. Family Dining gained further popularity as people started getting busier and eating together started becoming a thing of the past.

In a country like India, where family is of such great importance, restaurants largely cater to families. The most popular restaurants have menus curated specially to make sure there is something for both adults and children. Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular choices precisely for this reason. From spicy to mild – a menu at any Chinese Restaurant suits people of all ages.

Chinese and Oriental cooking uses items like Devil’s Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Wine, Oyster Sauce, etc. which are perfect for adults but may not be the best thing for children under the age of 10years. However, use of items like congee, honey, sweet sauces, etc. There are also proteins like pork and lamb which may not be suited for children but chicken, fish, prawns are there to save the day! And of course, Chinese cooking uses a variety of vegetables and spices which make it not only tasty but also quite a healthy choice.

The Best Chinese restaurants in Kolkata also have the family dining set-up. Chowman, Kolkata’s most popular Chinese Restaurant, has the perfect ambience for a nice meal with the family. From heart-warming soups, to noodles, fried rice, chicken, seafood, fish, lamb, pork, and more, Chowman’s menu is a gold-mine. Present all over Kolkata in Prime locations like Camac Street, Ballygunj, Salt Lake, Sodepur, Barasat, Newtown and more, it caters to every corner of the city through dine-in and delivery services.