An ardent lover of food, a wanderer by heart, and with a fine ear for great music, our Managing Director, Mr Debaditya Chaudhury, had perforated the sphere of art, music, and food at a very tender age. His narratives often assert his age-old tendency of trying out food from his classmates’ tiffin boxes, where he ended up reviewing them.
Gifted with an innate taste of flavour, Debaditya grew up near an Indo-Chinese restaurant witnessing the flocking of crowds throughout the day. That is what budded the interest towards Oriental cuisines in the heart of young Debaditya, and of course, his added quality of the musical persona, the madcap nature became the drives to his urges.

Back in the days, Debaditya became a popular face amongst the young college-goers with his unconventional music style and thrived into the musical arena along with his fellow band members of Lakkhichhara. However, his versatile nature always pushed him into going beyond the boundaries, and that is when his foodie instinct triggered him.

For Debaditya, it has been in his nature to go against the flow and try out things differently. And it was quite crucial that what he created had to be unconventional, groundbreaking, and a total harbinger of idiosyncratic talents! This is when the name of ‘Chowman’ comes in. Debaditya’s inception of Chowman was followed by his mind-boggling incorporation of human attributes to the name, because to Debaditya, it was more than his dream “ project”. Rather, it was his brain-child. And right from the beginning of conceptualising Chowman, he had been stern on bringing a bend to the prevalent Chinese food narrative in Bengal by spearheading Chinese food in its traditional, authentic form.
This whole idea itself seemed to be challenging, especially after the age-old adaptation and appropriation of Chinese food topographically. To be specific, in a place like Calcutta, where people’s taste buds had been habituated with a certain pattern of flavours, it took a painstaking effort for Debaditya to uproot the ongoing pattern and establish a new form of flavours. It seems as if he took up the great risk of playing with people’s taste buds, and for that, he never left any stone unturned.
Beginning with his concept of Chowman in 2010, within 300-sq-ft parameters at Golf Green, people of Calcutta were intaking the true flavours of authentic Chinese for the first time and it is not a great surprise that they were head over heels with the food.
Today, the growing love of people has led to the massive success of Chowman, which has undoubtedly led Chowman to be recognized as one of the largest, and renowned Chinese chain of restaurants in Eastern-India. Gradually, it has begun making a profound mark across India, starting with Bangalore.
Debaditya’s passion for food is one of the precious gifts that have harbored the growth of the popular Oudh 1590 & Chapter 2 in the hearts of Calcutta. In Fact, they are just not a mere hub for food lovers but inhabit Debaditya’s eye for the best. His aesthetic sense, his creative vibes have truly been remarkable elements and his unmatched personality has made Debaditya a treasured face in the field of the Food & Beverage industry.