Lotus carries immense significance in its entirety, standing out as a common sight in different parts of the world. To be specific, it is very native to Asia, in the sense that the flower Lotus somewhat gets to define Asia profoundly. Every aspect of Asia bears a close association with the Lotus as a symbol. Whether in terms of religion, culture, or beauty, Lotus has been a widely recognized flower bringing out Asia’s complex philosophy upfront.

The first few words that come to our mind when thinking of the Lotus are purity and beauty, which is how it is glorified in other nations. But for the Asians, the Lotus is a philosophy by itself, reaching beyond the limitations of purity and beauty. It aims to symbolize that state of life where one has to learn to bloom despite growing from the mud. The flower can’t grow without the dirty swamp, but its beauty lies in its ability to remain untouched by the dirt.

Lotus, therefore, has already served to be a subject of great importance, especially in the Buddhist tradition, thereby expanding its significance in other parts of Asia. But today, it has added up to yet another intricate aspect of the Asian culinary culture. Although Lotus’s history as a cuisine remains a mysterious, untraceable past, it is no doubt that Lotus has been a dominant subject in the Asian food culture.

In the Asian tradition, eating is of supreme primacy being an intimate part of life and is recognized as one of the rarest joys of life. And for the Chinese diaspora, we often get to recognize it mostly as a food-centred culture. Naturally, the Lotus, which bears such magnifying importance for the Asian culture, has been chiefly present in the Chinese culinary world. With several healing properties that include reduction of blood pressure, decreasing sugar level or killing of Cancerous cells, Lotus has been quite an exotic and health beneficial dish for the Chinese diaspora. 

Kolkata-based Chowman, one of the leading brands in the Food & Beverage industry, has particularly included the Crispy Honey Lotus Stem in its specially curated menu. With the surging recognition that Chowman has received for reintroducing authentic Chinese in Kolkata, it was immensely crucial to bring in a lotus-centric dish on the plate. Considering how strongly this flower has influenced the Chinese and Asian food culture, Chowman’s initiative was also to incorporate a health- beneficiary plate and present it to the local people. 

Flavoured with light Soya, honey, and a dash of Chilli sauce, this shallow-fried crispy Lotus stem is one of the most popular dishes by Chowman. By now the dish has been a personal favourite for many because of its high nutrients, vitamin-enriched properties, and has greatly influenced in bringing a unique blend amongst the Indo-Chinese cuisine.