In our regular life, there is hardly any variation. Therefore, we try to make some variations in our life in different ways. Many people arrange parties at home on various occasions of life. These parties include house warming parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties and many more. For these parties, food arrangement is an essential thing. The food must be delicious yet light for health. Chinese food has all these qualities. As starters, Chinese food items are also very popular. If you arrange veg starters for your party at home, it will be better as they will make your guests relish the main course much better. There are a lot of tasty veg starters in Chinese cuisine which you can also order for home delivery from Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. Some of them are given below.

  1. Baby Corn Fritters

Among the most sought-after Chinese starters, golden fried baby corn fritters served with fresh tomato ketchup are relished by a lot of people. They are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

  1. Veg Spring Roll

One of the most common Chinese delicacies is veg spring roll. They taste good when steamed but they are better when fried. They are served with Schezwan sauce and filled with nutritious vegetables. At Chowman, a renowned Chinese restaurant in Lake Town, Kolkata and various other places, you can enjoy delicious veg spring roll.

  1. Manchurians

Made with either little florets of cauliflower, light chunks of cottage cheese or any other vegetable items, Manchurian always makes us happy.

  1. Sweet Chilli Potatoes

This item will definitely impress your guests if they love French fries. A tangy sweet sauce with a hint of spice is used to coat fried potato sticks, which will tantalize the taste buds.

  1. Crispy Chilli Corn

Both adults and children are also delighted by this item. Until they become crisp, sweet kernels of corn are fried, tossed with freshly cut onions, cilantro and spices and then served.

  1. Veg Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce leaves are used for wraps as they have the strength and are malleable. Until the total thing turns brown, onion, lemongrass and ginger are cooked in oil. After that, the chef mashes water chestnut and tofu and crumble them to small pieces. To give it a moist and saucy test, it is stirred in hoisin, chilli and soy sauce. This item is very popular as a starter.