Whether it’s a plate of crispy Lotus Stem or Teriyaki chicken, one bite of authentic Chinese food from Chowman will immediately transport you to the streets of China. Popular among food aficionados for introducing authentic Chinese food to people of West Bengal, Chowman is now all set to open their flagship store, in the bustling food land of Bengaluru, in Indiranagar. Chowman started their venture in Bengaluru with a cloud kitchen in CV Raman Nagar followed by dine-in resturants at Kalyan Nagar, Marathahalli, Arekere.

The restaurant sets the mood for an intimate dining experience in the dim light graced with Chinese artwork and plush decor sets. Dining here feels like you’ve just ordered a dish straight out of China.

With the confidence of numerous diners from Kolkata tipping us off to the fact that Chowman is the home to the best Chinese food, our menu boasts a PAN-Asian, authentic Chinese offering – while the place brings in the familiar comfort to turn your night out into a memorable experience.

As Chowman stepped in the foodscape of Bangalore, get ready to experience nothing short of a gastronomic delight.