One of the biggest festivals in the world, Durga Puja is much more than a religious festival. Celebrated grandly in Kolkata, this is the time of the year all Bengalis wait for. People fly in to witness the grandeur of celebration from all over the world. A time for new clothes, food, and limitless fun, the 5-day celebration is cause for great revelry!

The celebration, which is more cultural than religious, sees participants from various walks of life. From Shashti to Dashami, people of Kolkata fashion new clothes and spend the days pandal hopping with friends and family. No distance is too far and no queue is too long during these days. People wait for hours in line to see the beautifully themed pandals that house various forms of Goddess Durga and her children. Of course, spending hours walking and going from place to place in search of the next best pandal is bound to get people hungry.

These five days are also a grand food festival in Kolkata. The Best Restaurants in the Kolkata are packed with people practically 24 hours, and there are always people waiting outside.  Chinese food, which has always been Kolkata’s go to, gets a predominance over other types of food, owing to its easy availability and cheap prices. From roadside stalls to fine dining restaurants like Chowman, Chinese cuisine is everywhere and there is something for everyone. Chilli Chicken and Chowmein are the most consumed items during Durga Puja, and even kids love it! Not only that, but the top restaurants in the city also run great offers and special menus during this time! With home delivery services provided by Swiggy and Zomato, people can event opt to have a feast at home, in a more safe and secure way.