The much-awaited Oriental Duck festival is back again at Chowman! With the  year coming to an end, Chowman stays true to its word. And here it brings  along with it over 21 delicious and mouth-watering duck meat dishes. The  month-long festival will commence from 2nd December’22 onwards with  availability at all dine-in outlets of Chowman (Kolkata |Bangalore |Delhi |  Noida), as well as for home delivery

On the menu this time are a variety of starters and sides along with the  quintessential rice & noodles. The signature slow cooked duck meat prepared  in 21 different ways is sure to keep you coming back for more! To start off the  feast, there is the Duck Meat & Mushroom Soup, Duck Meat Soup with  Lemon, Chilli.

Appetizers will comprise Braised Duck with Exotic Vegetable, Kolkata Style  Chili Duck, Mongolian Chili Roasted Duck, Thai Chilli Roasted Duck &  Duck Spring Rolls. Coming to the Main-course dishes, there will be a plethora  of duck meat items such as Butter Chilli Garlic Duck Meat & Egg Noodles,  Roasted Duck with Cantonese Sauce, Roasted Duck with Ginger & Chilli  Soya Sauce, Hunan Black Pepper Roasted Duck. All these to relish along  with a few more!