Chowman follows the best practices for dine – in and Food Pick-Up/Delivery Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

One way people connect to with their communities is through food and restaurants. They are a place to gather, celebrate and enjoy a delicious meal. The restaurant dining experience as we once knew is now gone. In the age of COVID-19, it has been replaced with 6-foot spacing between tables, pumps of hand sanitizer, disposable menus, and safety gears for customers and employees.

When it comes to how Chowman keep customers safe, there are certain practices that can help dining establishments operate as safely as possible. Chowman is one of those restaurants which has taken the best safety measures, whether it’s for the customer or the employees.

Chowman has kept few strict guidelines for the customers visiting Chowman for dine –in. They are as follows:

  1. Regular Temperature Checks: Our security personnel will check your temperature with an infrared thermometer. The temperature, your name and contact will be recorded in the register.
  2. Sanitization: Our security personnel will lead you to sanitize your hands, your personal belongings and your shoes. Please wipe your shoes on the mat before entering.
  3. Arogya Setu App: We encourage you to have the app installed on your phone.
  4. Seating: To maintain social distancing norms, only limited number of tables will be available.
  5. Switch to QR Code Menus: Once seated, you may scan the code placed on your table to select the items from the menu and place your order to the servicing staff member present on ground.
  6. Service: Self service is encouraged to minimize contact. We also advice you to order packaged drinking water.
  7. Complaints: In case of any issue, please inform our service staff present on ground or you may also call on our helpline no. 18008902150
  8. Bill: Your bill will be automatically sent to your mobile number post dining. We encourage payment via UPI, Cash and Card will also be accepted.
  9. Mouth Fresheners: We have discontinued the Mouth Freshener Kit until further notice. We will provide you with individually packed mints with toothpicks.

Apart from these, we ensure strict protocols for our delivery system as well. Starting from tamper-proof packaging to zero contact delivery we have taken all possible initiatives in order to ensure a safe delivery system. We undergo a thorough sanitization process of the bikes regularly. We make sure all our delivery executives are well geared with mask, face shields and hand gloves. Apart from these, we have a dedicated food safety team who ensures the quality of the food is the best. Regular temperature checks of the delivery executives are also a part of this. We also maintain a temperature log on the food delivery packets which mentions the body temperature of the chef and the delivery executive.

We at Chowman are taking the proper COVID-19 restaurant safety precautions and visibly adhering to local, state and federal guidelines so guests can feel free to relax and enjoy their meal.

At Chowman, we prioritize going above and beyond compliance with all current health guidelines and continue to lead in safe sanitisation practices. Chowman promises to uphold health and safety as our highest concern as we continue to serve our community great food. To minimize contact while still enjoying great food, we encourage guests to take advantage of our takeout, delivery and online ordering options.