During these trying times, it is important to remember that the safety and health of guests are always the first priority. Restaurants in Kolkata, like Chowman, have devised set of safety rules and precautions that need to be taken to make sure the dining experience is safe, secure and just as enjoyable as it used to be in the pre-Covid times.

Chowman, an authentic Chinese restaurant in Kolkata, has taken 10 major steps to ensure a completely safe and risk free dining experience. The staff has been trained to follow set rules and regulations so that the operations are smooth and completely hassle free.

Step1 – The security personnel will check the guest’s temperature with an infrared thermometer. Entry into the restaurant premises will only be permitted if the body temperature is below 98.6°F and if all the guests are wearing face masks.

Step 2 – The security personnel will lead the guest to sanitize their hands, personal belongings and their shoes. Any belongings, other than cell phones and wallet/purse, will not be allowed inside the restaurant premises.

Step 3 –The PDF version of the menu will be forwarded to the guest’s registered mobile numbers. In case their phone does not support the same, there are also a table mats with the menu kept at the tables.

Step 4 – No more than 4 people will be allowed at a table. If there are more than 4 people in a group, they will have to sit at separate tables. To maintain social distancing rules, only a limited number of tables will be available at a time. Guests may have to wait outside be

Step 5 – Once seated, the guest may scan the code/call the number placed on the table to order. In case of any issues with contactless ordering, there will also be a staff member present on ground and the guest may place their order with them.

Step 6 – The usual crockery and cutlery have been discontinued until further notice. The guest will be given a fresh set of eco-friendly, disposable plates and cutlery. The food will be brought and placed on the table. Self service is encouraged to minimize contact.

Step 7– In case the guest wants to order more food, or have any complaints, please call the same number. In case that option is not available, please place your new order or complaint with the staff member on ground.

Step 8 – After dining, the bill will be automatically sent to the guest’s mobile number. In case that option is not available, a hard copy of the bill will be provided in a disposable jacket. Online payments are encouraged. Cash and card will also be accepted.

Step 9 – Individually packed mints and toothpicks will be provided as refreshments.

Step 10 – The guest goes home satisfied, happy and safe!