Kolkata’s one of the biggest Chinese Chain of brands, taking over the food & beverage industry like a storm with its mastery over the best authentic Chinese, Chowman now brings the safest and fastest mode of delivery as well. Following the pandemic scenario, this time, previous year Chowman had adopted all the possible safety measures required. But this time, it has put its cape on, prepping up with over 200 bikers added to popular delivery partners such as Zomato and Swiggy to deliver the best Chinese in town in the most safe way possible right at your doorstep.

Chowman has taken 10 major steps to ensure a completely safe and risk free delivery service. The staffs have been trained to follow set rules and regulations and are pouring their heart into putting a smile on the face of every food lover so that their love for Chinese never fades out.

Step1 –Thorough checking of temperature with an infrared thermometer. Entry of each and every staff into the restaurant premises follows a stringent rule of allowance only if the body temperature is below 98.6°F and if the staffs are wearing face masks.

Step 2 –Hygiene protocol also leads to proper sanitization of every staff including hands, personal belongings and their shoes.

Step 3 –For anyone looking forward to menu prices in general, Chowman has initiated QR Codes and PDF version of menu, to be forwarded to people’s mobile number.

Step 4 –To maintain social distancing rules, only a limited number of staffs operate within the premises with proper protection like hand gloves, hair cap and masks.

Step 5 –Food in Prepared in utensils cleaned at short intervals, and sanitized thoroughly, as well as kept separately away from the open.

Step 6 – Food is packed in air-tight containers and is packaged meticulously with wrappers to avoid spill. Cutleries are excluded to avoid any contamination, unless mentioned by the guests.

Step 7–Chowman has further developed its exclusive application that detects the location of the customers and directs them directly to an outlet nearby to order from. Selection of items follows an easy scrolling with item picture, delivery price and item description for an ease. Updated version of the app further allows live tracking of the order as well.

Step 8 – Regular sanitization of bikes and bikers are followed maintaining proper distance. Each delivery executive makes sure of adapting every precaution that is required to keep your food safe while trying to head your way.

Step 9 –Proper distancing is maintained while delivering the food, keeping in mind of a stringent no-touch protocol.

Step 10 – Piping hot tastiest Chinese reaches the home of our much loved customers hassle free-all proper and safe!