Over the years, Chinese cuisine has become extremely popular throughout the entire world.  It has a vast range of tasty dishes to offer. You might have come across some negative reports regarding Chinese beverages. Therefore you may worry about having a healthy diet while having a Chinese platter. Fortunately, most Chinese food is easily customizable and one can order healthy dishes which are filled with protein, carbohydrates and healthy vegetables.   By controlling in-take quantity and making smart choices, you can follow a healthy Chinese diet.   Read on the blog to know about three easy ways to have best Chinese food in Kolkata.

 Making Good Choice Of Food:

Start your meal with a bowl of tasty soup which is a great source of vegetables and protein.  Make sure to avoid the starters like fried wontons or Chinese noodles which add calories and unnecessary carbohydrates. If you avoid eating excess soy sauce in your dish, the risk of eating unhealthy decreases a lot.  Some people prefer having deep fried Chinese food which would be safer to have after a bowl of healthy soup.   Avoiding street food and going for an authentic Chinese restaurant in Kolkata would be the best option to avoid food poisoning.

 Go For Brown Rice Instead Of Fried Or White Rice:

Brown rice is a much healthier choice as it provides additional fiber. Though the difference in calories isn’t that much, brown rice helps to lower the chance of developing type 2 diabetes.   It is blessed with a low Glycemic index, more minerals, antioxidants and minerals.  There are multiple kinds of traditional Chinese sauce including sweet and sour, hoisin and much more.  Request the attendant to serve the sauce on the side so that you can customize the amount of sauce on your dish.  Try to go for chili-based or mustard-based sauce to boost up the flavor without the calories.

 Go For A Dish Which Is Prepared In The Way Of Traditional Chinese Beverage:

Most of the traditional Chinese cuisines contain fresh fruits, vegetables, rice and fish sometimes with very little red meat.  Most of the Chinese restaurants in south Kolkata follow a cooking method of roasting or steaming rather than frying. You should inform the waiter regarding all your special dietary needs. They can help you choose the healthiest choices on the menu. If you follow a vegan, kosher or any other special diet, inform the waiter well in advance.

Keep the above mentioned tips in mind while ordering food in a Chinese restaurant and eat healthy.