In a day, the most important meal is breakfast. This is definitely true when we try to understand the food habit and culture of a country. You must be interested to know the different varieties of Chinese breakfast. Here we have listed some popular Chinese breakfast items. Some of these items are also available at some Chinese restaurants in South Kolkata.


    One of the most popular breakfast foods in China is steamed stuffed bun. These buns have a variety of fillings, ranging from pork and cabbage to finely chopped vegetables. There is also a difference in the sizes of the buns.


    This dish of noodles is a speciality of Wuhan city in Central China. The difference between other noodles and this type of noodles is that the fresh noodles, in this case, are coated in sesame oil and cooked till they become soft and then soaked for a while in boiled water before they are served. No soup is given with these noodles and sesame paste, garlic chives and pickled vegetables are used. Chilli sauce is given in it. This item is now found all over China.


    Jianbing is very popular all over China. The origin of it is in Shandong Province. There is a delicious combination of flavours and textures in it. There is a crepe made of grain flour topped with an egg, chopped scallions, cilantro, sweet soybean paste and chili sauce. These are all wrapped either around either a crispy wonton wrapper or a youtiao.


    They are very popular in China. In the center of a wonton wrapper, a small filling is placed and is pressed by the hand to close it. Chowman, the best Chinese restaurant in Kolkata, is the perfect place to enjoy a plate of veg wontons.


    In Southern China, people eat more rice whereas in Northern China, people eat more wheat. In provinces like Yunan and Guizhou and the city of Guilin in particular, noodles made from rice are consumed at breakfast. Soup may or may not be served with it and braised meat, peanuts, cilantro, pickles and chillies are used as toppings. At any time of the day, one can enjoy this.


    In China, tea eggs are available for breakfast at almost every convenience store and breakfast stall. These are prepared by soaking hard-boiled eggs in a fragrant spiced broth made with tea leaves and star anise, fennel seeds, cinnamon, Sichuan peppercorns and other whole spices. The eggs get a distinctive brown marbling because of the tea leaves and the dark soy sauce.