Poila Baisakh is just around the corner. A day all foodies look forward to. Lip-smacking Chinese food, alongside typical Bengali food, is emerging to take centre stage in the food consumption vogue. For most Bengalis these days, celebrating the day outside the traditional shell is now a happening trend, be it in respect of fashion or food it is no more just authentic Bengali to start the year with. Chowman took the opportunity to introduce some vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies comprising sinful fish, chicken and vegetarian Chinese dishes.

Chowman’s warm and comfortable seating along with a soothing ambience where you can enjoy an excellent seafood affair, has a lavish spread of Chinese and Thai delicacies which includes chicken, fish, prawn, crab, pork and lamb delicacies along with diverse Rice and Noodle food items to compliment the dishes.

This Poila Baisakh prawn lovers can munch on the dishes like Golden Fried Prawns, Kolkata Style Chilli Chicken, Pepper Garlic Crab, and so on while special main course dishes like  Mountain Chilli Crab Claws, Crab Meat in Chilli Basil, Butter Garlic Prawn and other favourites will also be available. Starters will include staples like Fish in Oyster Sauce, while specialities like Prawn in Chilli Mustard sauceButter Garlic Fish, Mandarin Fish are also on the menu! Other Main courses available are sumptuous Non-Veg Mixed Meifoon or Lemon Grass Fried Rice with Chilli Wine Fish and many more among the other delicacies.


The Poila Baisakh Special menu will be available across all Chowman outlets from 15th to 21st April. Also, with Chowman’s unbeatable home delivery service which caters to almost all locations of Kolkata, you can relish these delicacies in the comfort of your house too.