Covid-19, or more commonly known as the Coronavirus has created an atmosphere of great distress all over the world. In early March it was declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization, one which has taken numerous lives and threatens to take many more. However, it is important to understand the perils of the disease and take necessary precautions to keep oneself safe and healthy.

  1. Social Distancing – It has been highly advised by the authorities to practice social distancing. While keeping a distance of 1m was initially advised, it is now preferable that people stay at home. Staying inside not only saves you from contracting the disease but also keeps other people safe in the chance you are a passive carrier.
  1. Washing and Sanitizing – It is important to wash your hands in intervals and use alcohol based sanitizer. It is also important to keep a check on water usage and not cause a shortage of water due to excessive use. Brands like Chowman advocate for saving water and keeping the use of water under control.
  1. Staying calm – Panic is a valid reaction to a pandemic. However, it is important to keep ourselves calm and busy during these uncertain times.
  1. Panic Buying – Another reaction to a pandemic is panic buying of essentials. While it is necessary to stock up, it is also important to make sure you buy only what you need and let other people have access to essentials as well.
  1. Using protective gear – Use of masks and Gloves have become mandatory for essential workers and delivery people. Brands like Chowman have made it compulsory for their delivery boys to wear masks and gloves when delivering food. It is also important for all other people to wear masks while running errands or going out in public for any reason.
  1. Getting checked – In case of any signs or symptoms, it is necessary to consult a doctor at your nearest clinic. Especially for people with other health issues like COPD, High Blood Pressure, HIV, Obesity, etc. which are classified as high risk factors by health professionals.