Life was quite different 10 years ago when my dream of starting my own Chinese restaurant became a reality. When we first started, I had to play various roles-sometimes that of a cashier, that of a steward on some days, a kitchen supervisor on others and occasionally even that of a food delivery boy. From picking spices and ingredients to making the recipes, I participated and supervised every little thing that went into making the mouth-watering menu.
All in the quest of popularizing the finest oriental cuisine which we have offered to this city of joy for a decade now. Today I find that the comfort and joy of driving my shiny new Mercedes pales in comparison to the happiness I felt when I drove that big van 10 years back, in which I dropped each and every one of my team members home every night after work, regardless of how late it was, before I myself could rush back home.

Today, after a decade we stand as the most popular and highest selling Oriental Neighbourhood Fine Dining brand of Kolkata (Source: Swiggy, Zomato & all other aggregators) with 15 outlets strategically located all over this city and parts of Bangalore, and we are also one of the largest workforces in the city in the F&B segment.  I dedicate this entire success to my team, which, to me, is the strongest and the best team in the world. And now I promise to leave similar footprints across the nation in the next ten years to make Kolkata proud to have a highly successful and celebrated home-grown national brand called “Chowman”.

Let us all “Just Think Chinese …. Think Chowman” !